opinion ...... regarding facts. material from archive.org is fair use, it being independent sourcing in perpetuity of web content, as well as the legal definition of fair use. Former Ward County Sheriff who killed - in custody Native American Dustin Irwin - receiving lone eagle award from ND AG Wayne Stenehjem - "Is There a Minot Mafia?"   the lead illustration.

The denial of death - in re Ernest Becker and the failure of ND UND educated lawyers to have self esteem to follow a system of ethics is addressed by this video on the topic - They view others as subhuman and Natives as bugs - Mistresses paid off by Drew Wrigley is fine too. State Rep (R) Randy Boehning anal intercourse with 15 year olds is just fine too - while more non-disclosures doom others illegally with unethical "global" settlements - by lawyers  Beatings of Charles Soper is state sanctioned - and it appears that politicians want him dead. While 100 year flood plans for Fargo are known to be doomed from before the get go - Minot gets a 1000 year flood every 30-40 years - all "planning" fails - Canadian dams - and the Red River Valley is as flat as a pancake - 4 billion to who - shoddy construction firms like Roers' - remember the Fargo Public Works building - the next year after Roers "work" another contractor had to be brought in to tear down to the footings.

The denial of death - the planning underpinning of all ND failure - hubris.

“Law” School Joke

How does the University of North Dakota School (lowest rated nationally “accredited” and falling) of “Law” know the Thomas Cooley school of law is having her period?

She can taste the shit on the dead Charlotte School of Laws clit.


Inspiration for joke is the lowest rated UND Law grads that are so intellectually inbred that most make little to no attempt to ever - to include the three law school years to ever seek any life experience outside the “state” of north Dakota.

Think about this - North Dakota has tuition reciprocity with Minnesota. Admission to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus Law School is in the public imagination and in fact as - nearly a light year advanced in education, caliber of faculty and fellow student - let alone the difference in culture and civilization comparing gravel pit Grand Forks, North Dakota with Minneapolis - St Paul.

The "graduates" of UND Law do not participate in the graduation events of the rest of UND - no. Imagine being a PhD graduate in Mathematics or Engineering etc.. Had to have studied two foreign languages - and then have these 85 academic specimens walk across the same stage as yourself.

The UND academic community is well aware the "law school" is the bottom of the barrel - existing only to produce the caliber of attorney that North Dakota applicants will become. Law Graduation occurs elsewhere on campus at another time as the Graduation ceremonies.

The actual graduate students with their earned degrees skin would crawl with embarrassment having the "Juris Doctors" and faculty even present. They therefore are not present.

How many of the 85 even considered applying to UM - Law? Why waste the admission fee -----, let us postulate that about 6 of the 85 - if all applied to Minneapolis would have received an offer of admission.

Law school is graded on a curve - why put yourself (Grand Forks Gravel Pit Law Student) in a situation where 95% of your fellow students are clearly your intellectual superior? They just will not put themselves out on a social limb that places them 300 miles away from "home"?

The UND Law School declares on their web site that if you have got what it takes to be admitted that it is assumed you have what it takes to graduate. Yeah. So you have to really try not to fit in where the Amidon, Cavelier, Beach, Maddock ND graduates hit the "mixing" bowl.

UND President Mark Kennedy, on the job a couple years has already been shopping around for another position - out of ND, most recently Florida. Why not. The reality of life in America's enormous frozen tomb sets in the first winter at gravel pit.

President Kennedy has stated to the effect that it is not the greatest thing being known as the cheapest law school in the United States.

The state financial support of the legal clinic in Employment law has evaporated, causing it's closure. The students are still required to get clinical hours - it will not be provided at the law school however. No classes will be scheduled with less than 10 enrolled students - as dictated by the University President.

North Dakota State Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle, envisions a future for the law school that resembles the curriculum as when he was enrolled - the bare basics, Procedure, Constitutional law etc, with essentially no electives.

The school provides no service to the justice of the people of ND (opinion). It's graduates have been able or willing to establish an endowment of essentially nothing.

The North Dakota state bar - operating as a "close knit" community of low caliber individuals operates outside of Canons of legal ethics, Biblical prohibitions against bearing false witness and even North Dakota Masonic guides that point out the importance of truth as a guiding principal. They deny the literal truth of the Word - that is the God Jesus Christ - the second Holy Person of the Blessed Trinity. The North Dakota Government and the judicial branch (and more) are the basis of a Mafia government, that merits allegiance by what legitimate means of ethics? (see is there a Minot Mafia---- Sheriff Kukowski was responsible for the killing of Dustin Irwin but as a connected figure of the Minot and North Dakota Mafia - literal was not held to the degree of care of even an average citizen. Minot Daily News editorial # 1 of 2. An Open Letter from editorial board to corrupt ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. Minot Daily News editorial # 2 of 2. A call for USDOJ intervention in the affairs of state officials misconduct/crime.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem supervised and approved secreting away of evidence, insuring a false investigation would hide the fact that the killing of Fargo ND Police Officer Jason Moszer was done by Fargo Police SWAT Officer and not the incident perpetrator who died, was denied civil rights, trial and life to ensure the corrupt actions of Stenehjem and police would survive and not Mr. Marcus C. Schumacher Sr. Incident evening and night of Wednesday 10 February 2016 and on into 11 FEB 16.

The SWAT team member who fatally wounded Officer Moszer at 9:10 p.m. 10 FEB 16, Officer Jerrod Wagner was placed under armed guard and allowed to proceed with his own final solution as to Mr. Schumacher, instead of immediately being relieved of duty and removed from the incident site, shot Mr. Schumacher severely wounding him.

SWAT "leaders" discussed talking Mr. Schumacher into killing himself if the final solution did not work.

Schumacher allegedly according to a massive and massively (illegally so) redacted final report did end his own life, after expressing he needed medical aid and being told by Fargo Police Detective Phillip Swan to crawl to any door for aid to come…. Any assurances made to Mr.Schumacher - all knowingly made lies.

Police continued, knowing Mr. Schumacher was dead by 10:40 p.m. lobbing CS gas canisters into the newly widowed Michelle Schumacher’s home - in bad faith and scrambling to develop an initial false narrative that would be approved by the state government (the AG) in the morning, battered the home with armored personnel carriers (bearcats) and 4 robots (all robots failed). An intentional depriving of the state against the newly widowed Michelle Schumacher to deprive her of any residual home value, her home as shelter and sanctuary - , in bad faith deprive her of her civil rights ..... the home that had recently been entirely paid off and mortgage released by bank - until the SWAT did it's nasty criminal business to frame Mr. Schumacher for all that went bad - there is no such thing as an accidental discharge of a weapon - especially with trained personnel - firing at the head of Officer Moszer was a deliberate decision, by Officer Wagner.

Stenehjem's cheapest law school in the country - in a recent class - 1 out of 85 graduates landed a decent salary at a law firm.

From Archive.org are screen shots of an apparently independent of UND law opinion as to the of the merits of UND law.

just go to archive.org - the wayback machine - plug in the website and search for hours about the worst law schools in the ...... world.

it needs to be a whole lot cheaper to be of any value - like free and pay the students.... given the criminal class of individuals it's most sophisticated graduates become - scammers, liars, backstabbers to all society - aiders and abettors and co-conspirators of killers - the UND Law School is a rank embarrassment - to the fourth rate state and all of America.  After three brutal winters at the God forsaken outpost - imagine the post and real time traumatic stress of having to look at the **** ***** (MGTOW ! Sandman instructs towards Freedom !   https://www.youtube.com/user/SandmanMGTOW   )    of a writing teacher, every day for three years and hiding your true feelings about ----- maybe everything...... - and if you do not do well on a quiz have that creature tell you - no one likes you and drums you out of the lowest ranking cheapest "law" school - caz?  

more UND "Law" "drastic measures" legal clinic shuttered - how will they learn to fill out a form and where to file it - forget it...  they won't - left alone and scrambling for clinical experience - close the pile of shit. scroll down the link to burning dumpster.... 

just go to archives.org and search around for more fine content - re the above paragraph. - do not enroll at UND law. Oh yes do not hire - you know that if you live out site the enormous frozen tomb.

bring a class action ! for complete refunds to include room and board - the state knows 2/3 rds will never practice law - they do not know how. Which law school faculty allegedly has the worst personal hygiene? ugh. Then what member of that faculty - ugh...?

go 70 k in debt to be around this individual for three years - oh go ahead 

A conspiracy to obstruct justice - the secreting away of evidence the ending of Mr. Schumacher’s life - the ending of his civil rights - a Gross insult to the constitution of the United States is the subject of the site:


read, and refer to all law students and Ethics Professors the sick case of jurisprudence in the fourth rate state - north dakota “led” and the corruption aided and abetted by AG Wayne Stenehjem. Follow links in the site - for reasons UND Law School should be next to be closed.

Appears North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations run by NDAG Wayne Stenehjem is the chief non investigated suspect of directly killing North Dakota Student Andrew Sadek (a state records secret investigation like the mutilation killing of NDSU Student Thomas Bearson)

Drew Wrigley is ethically disqualified from being US Attorney as he gathered cash from republican friends and paid off his mistress and her then soon to be ex (what is the definition of prostitution?) - non disclosure agreements obviously executed. To whom is he beholden - FBI screeners?

Further, prosecutorial misconduct appears evident from his former gig as ND US Attorney - as his spouse it appears was associating with the family of the victim (case - death penalty for Alphonse Rodriguez for the killing of Dru Sjodin) playing Mr. Wrigley for death penalty (Mrs. Wrigley's brother a PA cop was killed and killer sentenced to death); the Wrigley's bonding in PA in early phase of their relationship commiserating over the death penalty. Sex and death - sex and death - the mental bonding glue with political ambition to rule over the proletariat brought them together.

Rodriguez defense counsel loving the billings in the millions of dollars has not yet got around to directly address the prosecutorial misconduct.

A juror committed suicide after the endless trial that included the death penalty despite the fact that neither state involved - ND nor MN has the death penalty - it is all for the psychometrics of the Wrigley's.

Cash filled safe deposit boxes - the wages of adultery - with the then LT Governor - who can and did raise the cash for the non disclosure agreements - secrets - secrets - that are against the interests of the people of the United States of America.

Go ahead and place on facebook and twitter the unfitness of Drew Wrigley for appointment as US Attorney... make sure the FBI screeners pick up on facts.... Or just pick up the phone and tell them.

Wrigley mistress Melissa Buck Pinks at Donald Trump appearance at Bismarck ND Civic Center - May 2016.

"Cash me outside !"

Imagine the Wrigley's as Governor and First Lady - every week, drum pounding - harping insisting that ND must have - MUST HAVE - the death penalty to dissuade individuals like the assassination target Mr. Schumacher - from assassinating more police (he is dead)... When in fact - facts be damned - someone else killed Officer Jason Moszer..... always exalting female privilege over all humanities rights.

Men! End egregious human trafficking Now - link.

guun wen ufff ? who mozza ?  take brass hide brass cum protehh mmmee!  

 Given the statements from the Judiciaries and ND Law Enforcement's contracted "intelligence" agency - Tiger Swan - Native Americans on Treaty Land are essentially Jihadists and that may be another argument for the ND death penalty

- that it would be a deterrence against the Jihadists tendency to desire to speak, assemble, worship, and operate their own media - against the plutocrat interests.

In addition to providing succor to the death marriage basis - and reason for being - the fourth rate state and lowest ranking law school can make a new stolen fortune from the taxpayers defending (ie. not defending) scores of death penalty clients (natives and the framed - like Knodel, Norberg, Sander and scores more ) - and provide distractions for the non reporting press to focus on - rather than the central issue - crimes committed by corrupt officials.

Just how has Cass County Sheriff obtained his 5th General star? from Amazon dot com at taxpayer expense - or from AG Stenehjem (from Amazon at taxpayer expense?) - staggered by the accomplishments of the Sheriff - battling protesters etc...

How does Wayne Stenehjem know ...... etc etc. ?

Oh yeah - figure this one out....

Which ND "law" firm is otherwise referred to as: Limpdic Cryptic Asshole Bitch & Dwarf ?

Who will be apparently the second journalist in Fargo to leave the community in shame over false - negligent and perhaps criminal misreporting in the Jerrod Wagner killing of Officer Jason Moszer? Come on by now you should know who the first was...... You won't read it in ND scammer media.....

Chris Hedges speaks at The Sanctuary for New Media, Troy, New York 3 November 2018