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“Law” School Joke

How does the University of North Dakota School (lowest rated nationally “accredited” and falling) of “Law” know the Thomas Cooley school of law is having her period?

She can taste the shit on the dead Charlotte School of Laws clit.


Inspiration for joke is the lowest rated UND Law grads that are so intellectually inbred that most make little to no attempt to ever - to include the three law school years to ever seek any life experience outside the “state” of north dakota.
North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem supervised and approved secreting away of evidence, insuring a false investigation would hide the fact that the killing of Fargo ND Police Officer Jason Moszer was done by Fargo Police SWAT Officer and not the incident perpetrator who died, was denied civil rights, trial and life to ensure the corrupt actions of Stenehjem and police would survive and not Mr. Marcus C. Schumacher Sr. Incident ev…